A few weeks ago I realized that my life became incredibly stale and nothing changes, I can't even remember how last year of my life went. I remember last summer, the blink of the eye and it is summer again. The most valuable resource in my life is time, and I do not want to waste it anymore.

For the last probably five years I got paid for the stuff I'm doing and being honest there is no emotional connection between me and the software I wrote during this time. I think it is related to the fact that I was not the owner of all these things, had no ability to change anything inside in a way I believe that it is important and just materialize other people ideas. If look into details software development is not so creative as many people think, there are few hundreds approaches how to build software and we just mix them together as a new era DJs.

This approach to living is not sustainable for me anyhow because the time is only one valuable on renewable resource and it is time to make next big step from executor to maker.

The challenge

To make this paradigm shift fun and useful for other people also I decided to do it in the format of the challenge. I don't know any good way to prove that my work is successful other than making money, so as a final goal is: "Build a company with a monthly recurring revenue covering my expenses during the one calendar year."

How I'm gonna achieve the target and restrictions

I have no idea how to reach this aim as probably many of my colleagues all around word, so, during the journey, I want leave breadcrumbs during the whole path. In any case success or fail, people could get shortcuts from my successes, avoid pitfalls and mistakes I'm going to make.

I don't like dominating approach how to build software nowadays when the bunch of guys takes funding write some code and never made a penny and in contradiction to this method I'm going to build my business bootstrapping.

During the challenge, I'm gonna invest 3000 euro of savings into experiment no more outside financing is allowed except revenue that I hope to get from satisfied customers.

To make everything transparent, I will blog every week about the progress and achievement during the week.

Let the challenge begin!