The first week after I set an ambitious goal for myself and start my journey went well, but there were some interesting things, hurdles, and learnings I want to share.
Unfortunately, I overestimate the amount of time available in the day and my abilities as well, but nevertheless, I think I did pretty well and became one step closer to my the final destination.

Hot niches and close themes

For me it is very hard to do something with an excellent quality if this thing not excites me and to be honest I know no one who can constantly from day to day do annoying things with a great results.

I found the proves of this hypothesis in many sources and my life, so before picking the niche to move forward, I decided to map all fields where I have any interests, hobbies, knowledge, skills, etc. Also, I decided to put into the mind map all interests, hobbies, and jobs of the people I know and I have some interest in the field or want to learn more about it.

Curious reader could ask why did I also put into the mind map information about the people surrounding me, but the answer is very simple because they give me shortcut for validations and if the problem is interesting I'd like to give it a try.

So after few hours, I figured out most of the fields where I could start the company with some level of interest. Most likely I miss plenty of other opportunities, but for now, this spectrum looks very promising.

Hot niches

Looking for things, people willing to pay

This week I get very helpful advice to start with a niche where people already understand the need and pay some amount of money because it will be much easier to convert them to my platform rather than convince that they have the problem and convince them they want to spend money on it.

Right now I'm not finished with this part yet because the amount of the work I have to do is immense. To complete this objective, I just have to follow very simple approach - research on freelancing boards and forums and read all the things people ask contractors/freelancers to build and try to extract similarities.

Under the hood, any SaaS software is just a generalization of some problem business already have, and I already collect some amount of information and pretty sure I'll be able to figure out something valuable.


I love to learn new things espessialy when I can use my new skills or knowledge immediately so from this point of view the first week in my journey was very successful.


Burning midnight oil on the stage when you could not see actual results and impact from your work is not scalable. To finish at least something important to check motivation and regularly recharge from some sources. For example, for me, stories of the successful bootstrappers and podcasts works pretty well, as well as changing the context, it is very convenient for me to jog few kilometers after few hours of the work.

Do only the stuff you need now

My brain all the time tries to skip the hard part, and unknown things like market and ideas validation and do some pleasant and easy stuff like web framework or PaaS research for future product. For sure this thing should be done at some point in future but not anyhow on the stage when I still don't have a clear understanding what am I going to build.

Contribute regulary

Consistency is one of the mastery characteristics, and this relates to many different fields starts from software development to writing or language learning.
This week I learn that I have to contribute into weekly report every single day in order not to miss somthing important and just review and combine all the things on Saturday evening, rather then write whole story in one chunk.

Keep the notebook near

Best ideas came unexpectedly and gone rapidly, I missed so many of them just because I believe in my memory capabilities and did not have a diary with me.

Take notes

Always take notes on every information exchange does not matter what is it, just a conversation with the colleague or reading a book. Taking notes dramatically increase quality how the brain process the information and increase amount of remembered information.

What went wrong

Unpleasant things happen and helps me to learn and become better, this week I was lucky and have few of hard things.


I very overestimate my abilities to do creative work for 12 hours every day and fail to work on my project on the Thursday and Friday, what dramatically kick me out from the schedule.

Ideas validation

I did not really talk to the real people this week even despite I know that it is critical and there is no other way to understand what is needed to be done. There is only one possible niche I talked about with the friend of mine is Notary, but I did not go deep so even this could not count as a good idea validation from the lean startup point of view.

Do not burn time

Never ever burn time, do not throw it away only because the task seems hard. The time it is only one entirely nonrenewable thing I could think about and wasting it without any purpose is extremely unwise.
There is nothing wrong to spend time for self-recharging or have fun with family and friends, but it is never fine to browse the web if the task seems complicated. I miss so many hours this week just because I pick easy stuff rather than the right one.

Resources that inspired me this week

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IndieHackers Podcast:

Start Small, Stay Small by Rob Walling

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