One more week is gone and this week was not satisfied regarding achievements but was very lucky regarding energy restorations.

This weekly report won't be very long, but I think it is fair to tell about every aspect even when I do not achieve the goals I set for myself.

Week goal

The goal for the week was: "Chose the idea and technological stack for building a prototype."

Because I did not reach the target, most likely I'll continue with this goal during the week 3.

Why I did not achieve the goal?

I spent only two evening working on the research and all other time enjoyed the cozy summer weather. In fact, I even fail to combine all my thoughts all together and produce this post in time.

To be honest, I do not consider this situation as misusage of my week because I think it is important to feel the and deeply understand that bring the owner of the own business open such opportunities as the slacking whole week in a row.

Yeah definitely now I'm not in the position when I have any revenue and make any profit but just to have a small gift from the future is the helpful and motivational thing for me.

Easy ideation process

All working time this week I spent on ideation, and I think I figured out how to brainstorm and generate ideas quite fast. Approach for ideas generation is iterative and very simple.
For the beginning, I believe that it is easier to start with some fields and niches where I have some domain knowledge or some relations also known as a "Hot niches" and iterate over it.

  • Pick the niche from the "Hot niches" list
  • Figure what is the technological processes happen and what are the exact steps in this processes
  • Generate list of possible improvements on each step
  • Iterate over next idea in the "Hot niches" list

Using this simple and straight forward approach is very easy to build initial ideas list and chose something from the list afterward.


Ideation is easy

While working on ideas, I found that if you have entrepreneurial abilities, it is straightforward to make the list of possible ideas. Most of the ideas will be terrible or not able to become a sustainable business or require virality effect, but some of the generated ideas could be very promising.

Business is a marathon, not a sprint

There is no reason for self-blaming about not spending all free time on work because it does not anyhow improve motivation and desire to continue. Good mental attitude from my point of view is the critical aspect of the long-term run, and if in the beginning, I'll run faster than I should I will lose all the power in the middle of the race and won't be able to finish.
I believe in the case of bootstrapping own business particularly when starting with a side project approach many pieces of advice from the marathon running are applicable. I'm going to start my run slightly slower than I can and will increase the speed over the distance.

What went wrong


Sometimes it is hard to work on some particular problems especially to start, and I found that it could be a reason why this week was "slightly" failed. The interesting part of this thought is if I have a problem to start even in the early beginning and probably this issue will be even worth in the future.
To defeat this feeling, whenever this happens I have to dig deeper into my head and understand what is wrong and why it stops me. I will try, and we will see if I'll succeed in this endeavor.