Evolution of my product development framework

Evolution of my product development framework

During the November, I had quite a lot of time to reflect over my past opportunities, regrets and approaches how I tried to build things and I understand that intention to make a profitable business from the beginning is something that creates an enormous pressure.

Starting from this December, I decided that I will try to operate in the radically different way.

I had a hard time with finishing started projects in the past and delivering them to the customers, so I create a small mental framework that I hope will help me to overcome hurdles and obtain a new skills.

Fun is the reason why I do it not the money

Since now I do not build stuff just for the reason of business, I do it because I have the fun of it. No more upfront expectation to make a company from it, just having fun.

Limits makes me free

Before it was hard to admit, at least for me, that project is not working or kind of stupid or both because I never know where to stop and spend quite a lot of my energy on it. Now I decided to change it, I'm going to work on each idea not longer than one month and if it does not get traction just dump it and move forward.

Part time co-founders

I always know that I operate much better when I have someone to bounce ideas, to reflect on the progress, dig deep into some problems and so on, so I decided to introduce conception of part-time co-founders into my projects. I have quite a few friends with whom I'd like to try to work, and one month sounds like a reasonable time frame to work together and get to know each other better.

In general, that is it and to be honest, I do not yet know how well it will work, but I think I'll get it during the first project and will have more knowledge and skills to iterate on the framework and fine tune it.

It is all folks! Stay tuned, subscribe for updates and share this post with the friends.