My beyond the edge goals

My beyond the edge goals

Quite often I ask myself how to keep the head above the water level, what can I do to move forward faster and in a more efficient way, or where is the limit of my abilities. Few years ago I realized that to beat myself and overcome limitations of the weak and lazy body I need to set very ambitious and "unachievable" goals.

I made the list and tried to maintain it for the sometime but dropped it in the 2015. There is one interesting fact about original list - some of the goals were unbelievable for me at the time, but now, after I accomplished it, they are just small steps to the better future.

My beyond the edge goals:


  • Run: 5k | 10k | half-marathon | marathon | ultra-marathon
  • Cycling: 20k | 40k | 80k | 90k | 180k
  • Swimming: 0.75k | 1.5k | 1.9k | 3k | 3,8k
  • Combination: triathlon | half-ironman | ironman


  • Create my own company
  • Make the business sustainable
  • Scale the company to the international level
  • Launch a business-incubator
  • Make a popular blog with: 100 | 500 | 1000 | 5000 | 10000 | 30000 | 50000 visitors per day

Foreign languages:

  • Learn to speak: English, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Esperanto
  • Became fluent in: English, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Esperanto


  • Learn to play: guitar, violin, harp, piano
  • Get the pilot license
  • Get the sailor license


  • Live a week without internet
  • Live a month without internet
  • List all my possessions
  • Limit my possessions to 300 items
  • Make a survival kit


  • Visit all continents: Europe | Asia | North America | South America | Africa | Antarctic | Australia
  • Sweem in all oceans: Pacific | Atlantic | Indian | Southern | Arctic
  • Cross equator
  • Cross equator on the boat
  • Travel during the whole year
  • Live on the tropical beach for a three month
  • Make a trip around a world
  • Visit 25 | 50 | 100 | 150 | all countries

Even though list seems to be well structured, it is going to be a very dynamic document, new goals tend to appear, and not ones are going to disappear, but I think it is okay because the world around us is changing and I am changing with it.

It is all folks! Stay tuned, subscribe for updates and share this post with the friends.