Many roads lead to Rome

Many roads lead to Rome

This post won't be about history or geography; I just want to share the story about two of my imaginary friends that once upon the time happened inside my mind.

Bobbie, the first imaginary friend living in the small town near Madrid and since early childhood had a dream to see the Rome, walk near Colosseo and other unusual ancient sightings. You may say: "What could be easy just buy a flight ticket 2 hours and you in Rome". Unfortunately, Bobbie wants to get this like an achievement and plan to cross the half of Europe on bare foot.

At one sunny day, Bobbie bought a bunch of maps, pack his backpack and start his journey. For novice person reading the map could be challenging task and from times to times Bobbie moving in the wrong direction but it is not a problem for him because anyway he comes back to the original path.

When Bobbie arrives at some the major city, he calls our shared imaginary friend Frank to get some advice about the journey.

Frankie also has a dream to visit Rome by walking few thousands of kilometers from his home town Athens. In contrary to Bobbie Frank like to have everything under control, so he bought all possible maps and plans and learned by heart all the roads that lead to Rome from the Athens. Quite often anxiety forces Frankie to recheck all the plans and online resources to be sure that nothing had changed.

Once upon the time Franki had been in Madrid and tried to walk towards Rome but got lost, so he caught the taxi and came back to the Madrid, where he jumped onto the plane and went back home.

Since then whenever Bobbie calls Frank he get a standard advice: take the flight to Athens, and after it, Frankie in a robotic mode produce detailed explanation how to get into the Rome from Athens.

It is regrettable that Frankie can't even imagine that it is possible to get straight to the Rome without making a hook to Athens even if Frankie failed to do so...