On supporting dreams

After starting my journey as an entrepreneur, I found the strange issue when some of the people surrounding me do not think it is a good idea and rather skeptical about opportunities and perspectives. The skepticism is not a problem by itself but in combination with the advice they give and their reaction could be super toxic and discouraging to continue doing stuff.

I share my observation with a friend of mine, and he gave me incredible insight - "People tend to make friends with similar personalities." This idea was just mind blowing because it is mean if people around me are toxic about my goals and not anyhow supportive, most likely I do the same to others.

My analytical mind was not happy with a simple solution and went deeper, I think by the nature people are good beings, so they should not act this way naturally, probably something in the views forces them to make this kind of decisions. After some time I went to the conclusion that the one simple thing could easily explain this behavior.

People are skeptical and not supportive because they just do not know that it is possible to act and do stuff this way. They have never had an example of the person who dramatically changes the lifestyle and succeeds, so they do not have an experience of this kind of success and support of success. And in fact, they do the best possible way dictated by the self-preservation to keep away from the unknown stuff and help other group members keep away from this things also.

But let's come back to the original question - "What to do to get a required support and understanding?" Most obvious answer is to change an environment and try to make a friendship with people that have characteristics or goals as I do now.

Changing of the environment should be extremely beneficial because it improves word understanding, and more things in life seem possible especially when there is someone who already achieves such a goal before and it is possible to learn from them.